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Mariposa County is in the process of creating a regional broadband roadmap, along with 4 Central Sierra counties (Tuolumne, Calaveras, Amador and Alpine). It’s crucial that we gather information from our County’s internet users in order to create a plan that works best for Mariposa County. We’d greatly appreciate your participation.


Direct link to survey is: https://www.centralsierrabroadband.com/survey


Please feel free to reach out to Tara Schiff, tschiff@mariposacounty.org, if you cannot access the survey.




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As part of Sean Frame’s discussion on Redistricting at the Progressive Mariposa meeting on 9th January, he provided some links we want to share with you all.






From what we know so far, Tom McClintock is the only candidate in our newly formed congressional district CA05. According to the data from fivethirtyeight.com, CA05 is expected to swing R by +17.

Kermit Jones will be running against Kevin Kiley in the new CA03.

The ‘old’ CA22, Devin Nunes’ district, will have a special election on 5 April 2022 to fill the vacancy through the end of the term. Candidates who have filed to run for the vacancy include Democrats Phil Arballo, Eric Garcia, and Lourin Hubbard and Republicans Elizabeth Heng and Nathan Magsig. The ‘new’ CA22 is expected to go to D by… Continue reading

During the meeting on Sunday, 9th January, Alison informed us of an item of potential concern on the Board of Supervisors agenda on 11 January 2022.

For the 11th January meeting, we wanted to make sure you all are aware of a housing discussion direction item that will before the Board of Supervisors a little after 2pm Tuesday afternoon (01/11/21, second item). Below is a link to the memo on the discussion item. If you have thoughts that you would like to contribute to the conversation you should submit a comment or attend, either in person or virtually.





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Our next PM Zoom meeting is
Sunday, 9th January 2022 at 1:00pm.

We welcome our very
Special Guests Alison Tudor & Sean Frame

Alison will offer news and updates about the programs and services provided to our communities by the Alliance for Community Transformations. 

For the past few holiday seasons, Progressive Mariposa has sponsored a “Caring & Sharing” drive for donations to the various programs of the Alliance for Community Transformations . The Alliance for Community Transformations provides responsive and preventative services to individuals and families and works through partnerships and collective action to create truly safe, healthy, and socially just communities where every member thrives.

In addition, Sean will join us to discuss the latest news concerning our new Congressional and State Legislative districts and the upcoming Special Election for Devin Nunes’ seat in CA22.


If… Continue reading

It’s been a busy week in the news, starting off with the final maps from the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. Mariposa County is no longer in Congressional District CA04 but now in the ‘new’ CA05. Tom McClintock seems to be assigned to the new CA03, where Kermit Jones has announced he will be running. There’s a rumor that Kevin Kiley, a notoriously bad Republican from Placer County, will also be running in CA03.


Josh Harder is listed as our current incumbent in the new CA05 which is either R+13 or R+17 (depending on the source). However, he’s chosen to run in the new CA13, which is D+11.


We still don’t know who will be running in our new CA05.


In any case, we’ve set up a new Facebook group, CA05 Indivisible & Progressives Network, to help… Continue reading

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