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From FWD.us:

On Tuesday, November 14th, we’re holding a Day of Action to call on Congress to pass a Dream Act now.

This is an urgent moment to stand with Dreamers, and a bipartisan Dream Act would provide a permanent legislative solution. It is urgent that Congress pass a Dream Act this year.

We must do everything we can to pass it.

Our goal: to make as many calls as we can by November 14th telling Congress to pass a Dream Act now.

Commit today to call your member of Congress by the November 14th #DreamActNow Day of Action and demand a vote.:

Call one. Call them all. Takes just a minute.

Tom McClintock – CA04
– (202) 225-2511
– (916) 786-5560

Doug LaMalfa – CA01
-(202) 225-3076
-(530) 878-5035

Dianne Feinstein
– (202) 224-3841
– (415) 393-0707… Continue reading

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