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Cheryl Aoife Johnson

Progressive Mariposa is going strong! On August 6th, 2017, PM hosted our fourth candidate for California Congressional District 4 in 2018, with Rochelle Wilcox speaking to PM members at Miner’s Roadhouse. Rochelle demonstrated an impressive knowledge of a broad spectrum of issues and has strong and somewhat unusual experience in communicating with and working alongside many conservatives, including her husband! 


PM has submitted its Articles of Incorporation to the State (thereby becoming Progressive Mariposa, Inc.) and is perfecting its Bylaws to complete its 501(c)(4) status. Also, PM is now holding a membership drive; memberships cover the costs of incorporation, help host community events, and fund PM T-shirt and other swag orders for outreach, education, and continued membership efforts. Please encourage your friends to support PM by becoming a member today, either on our website (http://www.progressivemariposa.org/membership/),… Continue reading