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Cheryl Aoife Johnson

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The Justice Department on Friday unveiled an indictment charging former President Donald J. Trump with seven crimes. The 38 charges relate to Mr. Trump’s hoarding of sensitive government documents after he left office and his refusal to return them, even after being subpoenaed for all remaining records in his possession that were marked as classified.

31 counts
Related to withholding national defense information

One count against Mr. Trump for each document he was alleged to have kept in his possession.

5 counts
Related to concealing possession of classified documents

Among them are counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice and withholding documents and records, levied against both Mr. Trump and an aide, Walt Nauta.

2 counts
False statements

Related to statements to the F.B.I. by Mr. Trump and an aide, Walt Nauta.




Care to Share?

May 22, 2023 – Mariposa County is excited to announce community feedback and engagement opportunities to help guide future decision-making.

One of the efforts is the launch of a community survey to gather feedback from residents. The survey is part of an effort to update the strategic plan to reflect the current needs and priorities of the community. The survey will allow for residents to provide feedback on a range of topics including public safety, transportation, services, and more.

“We want to hear from as many residents as possible,” said Dallin Kimble, County Administrative Officer. “Because of this, we are starting with a random sample survey, which will provide unbiased results that can be generalized to understand countywide perspectives. In early June, we will open the survey to all residents so anyone who wants to share feedback will… Continue reading

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