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Evacuations for the following areas have been reduced to Fire Advisement. These areas will be open to residents living in the area only:

•       Hwy 49S from Silva Road to Darrah Road
•       Hwy 49S from McNally Rd to Triangle
•       Boyer Road including and all side roads
•       Brooks Road- Residents must use Woodland Drive to access their homes
•       Woodland Drive
•       McNally Road
•       Triangle Road from Hwy 49S to East Westfall Road including all side roads
•       Tip Top Road including all side roads
•       Wass Road- Residents will need to use Tip Top to access their homes
•       Darrah Rd from Hwy 49S to Bootjack Lane including bootjack lane
•       Silva Road from Hwy 49S to Carlton including all side roa

•    Triangle Road from Hwy 140 to East Westfall Road and all side roads
•    Jerseydale Rd
•    Silva Road from Cole Road to Triangle Road
•    Darrah Road from Bootjack Lane to Triangle Rd
•    East Westfall Road from Triangle Road to Oliver Creek
•    Cole Rd
•    Carlton Road from Triangle to Silva Road
•    Allred Road from Hwy 140 to Morningstar
•    Morning Star from Carlton to Allred including all side roads
•    Ponderosa Way to Feliciana Mountain Rd Including Feliciana Mountain Rd
•    Carstens Road including all side roads
•    Brooks Road

OPEN TO RESIDENTS ONLY- ID will be required to enter –
•    Triangle Rd from Hwy 49S to East Westfall including all side roads
•    Tip Top from Triangle Road to Hwy 49S including all side roads
•    Woodland Drive
•    McNally Road
•    Silva Road from Hwy 49S to Carlton Road including all side roads

Fire advisement is NOT an evacuation Order, it is simply to advise residents in the area of the potential need to evacuate should conditions change. Allowing those in the affected area to plan and prepare. Residents who have been repopulated that need to pick up animals at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds can do so anytime between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.



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