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We have a New Slack Team (aka “workspace”) available for Mariposa Area Progressives for dialog and collaboration on projects and issues affecting our communities. Open to anyone in the “Mariposa Area” including all of Mariposa County, eastern Madera County, Tuolumne County, Merced County, and beyond.

The workspace is there to provide a safe, private, and supportive environment where we can all ask questions, discuss ideas, plan, strategize, and collaborate about all aspects of the work and issues affecting our communities. The Slack workspace for Mariposa Area Progressives is private and not viewable or open to the general public.

** There is ZERO tolerance for any form of abuse, including but not limited to bullying, badgering, trolling, harassing, and defaming. **

**Attacking someone directly is subject to immediate removal and banning/blocking, as are any bullying or badgering behaviors. **

** The group admins and moderators have full discretion to address any post or behavior that they feel is inappropriate. As such, they each reserve the right to close comments, remove posts, or suspend access to the group at any time. **

This group is NOT for those who want to argue with or attack or denigrate others, in the team or outside the team.

We all will help make and keep the group safe for everyone.

If you’re interested in joining the workspace, let us know by sending your request for an invitation to info@progressivemariposa.org.



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