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Every 10 years, redistricting is done for most of the different political jurisdictions in America. Why should you care? Redistricting affects us at our local, state, and federal levels – County Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, State Senate, and Federal Congressional District boundary lines may be shifted and Mariposa County may find itself in a different Congressional District – perhaps Devin Nunes’ instead of Tom McClintock’s?

Once every 10 years, voting-district maps change…
Let’s make sure they are fair!

Here are two workshops you can attend (via Zoom) to prepare you for the local and statewide public hearings to be held.

June 17, 2021 – LOCAL REDISTRICTING – (League of Women Voters/Fresno & California Common Cause)

Learn how local redistricting affects you and the diverse communities you serve, and how to get involved. Redistricting decisions shape how our communities are represented, how our public officials are held accountable, and how well our democracy works for the people.

Unifying neighborhoods that share common characteristics and issues needing attention into one district gives residents the chance to elect representatives who will listen to and address their concerns.

Collecting and telling compelling community stories will help make sure our communities are considered by those with the power to draw new district boundaries.

Register Now! (CLICK HERE)

For questions call: 559-824-7829

June 22, 2021 – Redistrict 101: Training for Change Makers (ACLU of Northern California)

What is redistricting? It is one of the most important democratic processes of 2021! Redistricting is the redrawing of district lines from which public officials are elected, like city council or school board districts. Redistricting matters.

The way lines are drawn will not only impact who your community has the power to elect, but ultimately, your ability to shape the local, state, and federal policies that affect your everyday life. Join us to learn how you can engage in this process to advocate for district lines that are truly representative of the community.

Register for the June 22nd training here.



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