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Every 10 years, redistricting is done for most of the different political jurisdictions in America, including at the county level. Mariposa County’s 5 supervisorial districts will be redrawn this year as a result of new population counts (the 2020 census) and new rules.

Why should you care? Everyone will be invited by the county to participate. Plus, proper redistricting gives every voter due influence. Improper redistricting may minimize voter influence, either accidentally or purposely.

Check out Colleen Rhodes’ excellent compilation of information on our website at https://www.progressivemariposa.org/redistricting/

In addition, redistricting affects us at our state level – State Assembly, State Senate, and Federal Congressional District boundary lines may be shifted and Mariposa County may find itself in a whole new district. (Current proposals for Congressional District realignment include Mariposa County and points south currently in CD04/McClintock getting moved to CD22/Nunes.)


Public Hearings have been scheduled – the first for Mariposa County is Tuesday, June 8th at 2:00pm. The first hearing for statewide input is Thursday June 10th from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. (See the images below this post).

The state-wide public hearings begin on Thursday, June 10th, from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. Go to https://www.wedrawthelinesca.org/june_10_mtg to provide testimony.

To prepare yourself for the meetings and to familiarize yourself with the issues and tasks before us, be sure to read Colleen’s contribution on our website at https://www.progressivemariposa.org/redistricting/ .

Next, go to Mariposa County’s website at http://www.mariposacounty.org/redistricting and read more about the efforts involved and ways you can participate.

Finally, join us this coming Sunday, June 6th, in a pre-hearing Zoom call to discuss redistricting in general and see if we can answer any questions you might have.

Topic: Progressive Mariposa’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Jun 6, 2021 11:00 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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