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 by Lucille Apcar

Diana Agabeg Apcar (my grandmother) in her final manuscript wrote the following:

                “Our knowledge and experience of the world suggest to us that two thirds of its written history are, as likely as not, to be a lie. The historian of one country draws a different picture and gives a different version of the same historical event from the picture and version given by historians of another country. So it may be in the future, some more of what are called ‘discoveries’ will be fathomed, another batch of scholars will arise whose findings will upset the conclusions at present accepted.”

                And so it is with the Presidential election of the year 2016 as occurred in the United States of America. Perhaps history will be kind and soften the prevarications that characterized this lengthy and ugly contest resulting in either a propelling of a totally unqualified, unprepared and deplorably untruthful candidate into this exalted position, or simple commonsense will prevail by rejecting the constraints imposed by an outdated system known as the Electoral College and allow the vote of the people to overcome.  

                As matters stand at the present time, during the month of November 2016, the popular vote exceeds those committed to the Electoral system by a margin of almost Two Million legal voters. It is uncontrovertibly a fact that this election as it presently stands should go to the opposing candidate for the office, by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

                I will not go into the qualifying details nor make comparisons between the two top candidates for the Presidency, as they have been hashed over and over for weeks and months prior to the date of November 8, 2016 when the polls finally closed. But we can and we should call to the attention of those selected to finally declare the winner on December 19th , that this election has been illegally skewed by tactics unbecoming to a democratic society, disenfranchising millions of voters in the process.

                Let us not despair, let us take the appropriate steps. We are the people, we should be heard, our votes should count. There is still time for justice to prevail.


Lucille Apcar, Mariposa, California     November 19, 2016



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