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The Wall

The following was written as a comment to a post on the L A Times.

“Please allow me to frame the issues involved with “the wall” in its actual terms. Despite what the media is saying, this is not about Democrat vs. Republican. In short, the executive branch of our government is threatening to declare a national emergency since the legislative branch will not authorize the seizure of private American property for a federal works project nor will fund it. The executive branch has already shut down the federal government. It is currently threatening to extend this government shut down for however long it takes for the legislative branch to cave.

Let us break this down.

First of all, the framework of our government is based on checks and balances. Power is divided into three branches: the Executive,… Continue reading


A simple HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you and a huge THANK YOU for all your support this past year and for making our recent donation drive for Alliance for Community Transformations a huge success!

You all came out in true Mariposa fashion by donating a few thousand dollars worth of items on the Alliance wish-list. We were overwhelmed by your generosity!

We’ll be starting off the New Year with the Women’s March on Saturday, January 19th – in place of our usual general meeting. Stay tuned for location and carpool information!

We would like to wish all our Mariposa neighbors a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a lovely holiday season, peace and joy. And may the new year find us all ready to continue building a positive and progressive future for our communities.

Together we can lead… Continue reading

If you missed the meeting and still have items you’d like to donate, we will be collecting items through Friday, 12/21/18.

Items may be dropped off at Pure Training Studio at 5081 Bullion St., attn: Carol Hart.

A huge Thank You to the Mariposa Gazette and Sierra Sun Times for their prominent coverage of Progressive Mariposa’s recent general meeting featuring guest speakers Chevon Kothari, Mariposa County Health and Human Services Agency Director, and Alison Tudor, Alliance for Community Transformations Executive Director. Both leaders gave powerful presentations and informative updates on their organizations and how they are helping Mariposa residents in need every day.

Our guests and supporters came out in true Mariposa-giving fashion by donating hundreds of dollars worth of items on the Alliance wish-list, including but not limited to: brand new clothing, undergarments, outerwear, snack foods, and much needed… Continue reading

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