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Results of Planning Commission Meeting

The Vallecito subdivision went before the Mariposa County Planning Commission on Friday, April 21. The Commission voted 4 to 1 to approve the project with no further mitigation. While we had hoped the owner would talk to us about alternatives ahead of time and that more than one member* of the Planning Commission would look further into concerns and ask for additional mitigation, this result was not a surprise. (*District 1 Commissioner voted no over concerns re water.)

The petition signature and comments were included in the Commissioners’ packets. Thanks to all who signed and commented.

Thanks also to those who spoke at the meeting or attended to show support for saving our valuable Catheys Valley history as represented by this landscape and barn, and who voiced concerns regarding water, safety, and more.

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Congressman Tom McClintock held a Town Hall meeting in Mariposa

on Tuesday evening, February 21, 2017 at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds. 








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 by Lucille Apcar

Diana Agabeg Apcar (my grandmother) in her final manuscript wrote the following:

                “Our knowledge and experience of the world suggest to us that two thirds of its written history are, as likely as not, to be a lie. The historian of one country draws a different picture and gives a different version of the same historical event from the picture and version given by historians of another country. So it may be in the future, some more of what are called ‘discoveries’ will be fathomed, another batch of scholars will arise whose findings will upset the conclusions at present accepted.”

                And so it is with the Presidential election of the year 2016 as occurred in the United States of America. Perhaps history will be kind and soften the prevarications that characterized… Continue reading