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In place of our General Meeting this Saturday, we’ll be joining our Sister (and Brother) Resisters at the Women’s March in Sonora in Tuolumne County. We’ll be meeting at 7:30am at the Park & Ride on Joe Howard Road near the Rite Aid in Mariposa.

Sonora Women’s Marchers will meet at 10:30 am at the Court House located at 41 Yaney Avenue, Sonora. The Women’s March will begin at 11:00am. Speakers at the Court House will begin after the march at 12:30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join in this historic event. Those wishing to carpool to Sonora are invited to meet at the Park & Ride on Joe Howard Street near the Rite Aid in Mariposa at 7:30am. (Yes, I know we just said that but this is for those who missed it the first time)

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Submitted by Jim Evans


In mid-December, the Idlewheels Senior Park solar system went online. It is anticipated that the system will provide 90%-100% of the electricity used by the 110 households in the Park.



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The Wall

The following was written as a comment to a post on the L A Times.

“Please allow me to frame the issues involved with “the wall” in its actual terms. Despite what the media is saying, this is not about Democrat vs. Republican. In short, the executive branch of our government is threatening to declare a national emergency since the legislative branch will not authorize the seizure of private American property for a federal works project nor will fund it. The executive branch has already shut down the federal government. It is currently threatening to extend this government shut down for however long it takes for the legislative branch to cave.

Let us break this down.

First of all, the framework of our government is based on checks and balances. Power is divided into three branches: the Executive,… Continue reading

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