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Here is the link to the Board Agenda Packet for October 20th. That was the date the BOS took its initial action to approve these new ordinances. The relevant material begins on page 112. http://mariposacountyca.iqm2.com/citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=2731&Inline=True&fbclid=IwAR3AJXMTk9DD_GfiYdsTeGuyu3XM8EQ8fIhDsjT8Xt81BPskE6Ht5hu0Dcg

The issue of Code Enforcement is before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 10th, less than a week away!

If you need details, there are plenty on the REPEAL facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/3223193537802645.

The proposal is to adopt a policy for enforcing codes in Mariposa County and it’s been moved very quickly forward by the Board with very little input from the public. There seem to be many moving parts and consequences that are not yet well understood by the public.

If you are concerned, as many of us are about this issue, there are some things that you can do to help open up this process for more public input:

  • Call the Supervisor for your own District or call all of them: 966-3222
    • District 1: Rosemarie Smallcombe
    • District 2: Merlin Jones
    • District 3: Marshall Long
    • District 4: Kevin Cann
    • District 5: Miles Menetrey (voted against it)
  • Call/write the other four Supervisors.
  • Read the plan and/or the materials we have posted previously:
  • Email your objections to René LaRoche, clerk of the board at:  board-clerk@mariposacounty.org OR rlaroche@mariposacounty.org
  • Talk with your friends and associates about the plan, what it means for you and for landowners and renters.
  • Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on 11/10. The items will likely be on the agenda at 2pm, but check the agenda that will be posted Thursday. At the meeting, any member of the public who wants to speak will have an opportunity for input, if only to ask for more time to consider and learn about this proposal and its ramifications.
  • If you can’t attend the meeting on 11/10, you can call in. Instructions are available at http://www.mariposacounty.org/2409/Participate-in-Meetings
    If you call in, the instructions on the Mariposa County page say to dial 1 (224) 501-3412; access code 380-677-133.
  • If the Board passes the items on 11/10, there are citizens of Mariposa that are preparing to circulate a PETITION for REFERENDUM to REPEAL. Please sign this petition, if you believe the community needs more time and input.
  • If the Board fails the item for the time being, please stay involved and attend any community workshops that the Board or Planning Department may hold concerning codes and enforcement.

Thank you, your community needs your voice in this issue.



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